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Statistics Summary for videohubz.com Videohubz.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 456,372. It has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Brampton (#122). We estimate that 70% of visitors to the site come from Canada, where it has attained a traffic rank of 7,487. Videohubz.com has a bounce rate of approximately 22% (i.e., 22% of visits consist of only one pageview). Compared with internet averages, this site's audience tends to be under the age of 35; they are also disproportionately childless people browsing from home.

CountryNameUnited States
Alexa traffic rank for videohubz.com:
Time RangeTraffic RankChange 
1 month279,233-433,531%
3 Months456,372263,215%
Percent of global Internet users who visit videohubz.com:
Time RangeReachChange 
1 month0.00042150%
3 Months0.00027-61%
Percent of global pageviews on videohubz.com:
Time RangePageviewsChange 
1 month0.00005240%
3 Months0.00003-59%
Daily pageviews per user for videohubz.com:
Time RangePageviews/UserChange 
1 month13.0000040%
3 Months10.400006%
The percentage of visits to videohubz.com that consist of a single pageview:
Time RangeBounce %Change 
1 month12.10000-59%
3 Months22.10000-42%
Daily time on site for videohubz.com:
Time RangeTime on Site(minutes)Change 
1 month8.03833117%
3 Months5.83667-21%
The percentage of visits to videohubz.com that came from a search engine:
Time RangeSearch %Change 
1 month1.50000-91%
3 Months9.00000-34%
videohubz.com 8.53 out of 10 based on 81 ratings.
Info videohubz.com
Alexa Rank: 194,200
Title: videohubz.com best hot videos hub
Description: hub of best videos from the web. watch hot videos, funny video clips, masala videos, bollywood hot actress, play games, watch tv, youtube movies, bollywood songs, hot desi.
Visits per day: 6,328
Daily Ads Revenue: $20.51
Creation Date: 2010-03-13
Domain Age: 5years 331days
Last update:
12-12-2011 16:10:28 (4 years ago)

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Tags: best videos funny videos youtube video hot clips desi tube play games watch tv photo gallery funny bollywood clips watch desi videohub desi mallu movies hot songs
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