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Lechpoznan.pl is ranked #49,518 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. Visitors to the site spend about 36 seconds on each pageview and a total of three minutes on the site during each visit. It has a bounce rate of approximately 24% (i.e., 24% of visits consist of only one pageview). Almost all visitors to Lechpoznan.pl come from Poland, where it has attained a traffic rank of 563. Compared with internet averages, the site appeals more to users who are between the ages of 25 and 35; its audience also tends to consist of both uneducated and highly educated men browsing from work.

Alexa traffic rank for lechpoznan.pl:
Time RangeTraffic RankChange 
7 Days35,944-10,698%
1 month43,845-15,480%
3 Months49,51811,361%
Percent of global Internet users who visit lechpoznan.pl:
Time RangeReachChange 
7 Days0.0046020%
1 month0.0039031%
3 Months0.00344-15%
Percent of global pageviews on lechpoznan.pl:
Time RangePageviewsChange 
7 Days0.0002053%
1 month0.0001561%
3 Months0.00012-32%
Daily pageviews per user for lechpoznan.pl:
Time RangePageviews/UserChange 
7 Days4.6000020%
1 month4.0000023%
3 Months3.67000-20%
The percentage of visits to lechpoznan.pl that consist of a single pageview:
Time RangeBounce %Change 
7 Days22.700009%
1 month21.00000-11%
3 Months24.30000-1%
Daily time on site for lechpoznan.pl:
Time RangeTime on Site(minutes)Change 
7 Days3.915000% 
1 month3.6033337%
3 Months3.11000-6%
The percentage of visits to lechpoznan.pl that came from a search engine:
Time RangeSearch %Change 
7 Days11.200002%
1 month11.1000013%
3 Months12.40000-30%
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Owner Email: -
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Owner Phone: -
lechpoznan.pl 9.76 out of 10 based on 91 ratings.
Info lechpoznan.pl
Alexa Rank: 49,518
Title: kks lech pozna s.a
Description: lechpoznan.pl visitors, seo, traffic and competition. Website located in Poland. With ip World rank is 49518.
Visits per day: 23,536
Daily Ads Revenue: $72.1
Creation Date: No info
Domain Age: N/A
Last update:
07-03-2015 04:52:30 (1 month ago)

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Tags: kolejorz lech posen lechpoznan lech poznan mecz lech league of legends jose maria bakero lech kks lech poznan kks juventus lech poznan
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