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Detiksurabaya.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 225,864. Visitors to it spend roughly three minutes per visit to the site and 49 seconds per pageview, and approximately 58% of visits to this site are bounces (one pageview only). The site has a relatively good traffic rank in the cities of Surabaya (#1,679) and Mega (#1,978). Detiksurabaya.com has attained a traffic rank of 3,418 among users in Indonesia, where approximately 92% of its audience is located.

RegionNameJakarta Raya
Alexa traffic rank for detiksurabaya.com:
Time RangeTraffic RankChange 
1 month203,777-125,868%
3 Months225,864-144,147%
Percent of global Internet users who visit detiksurabaya.com:
Time RangeReachChange 
1 month0.00101100%
3 Months0.00079102%
Percent of global pageviews on detiksurabaya.com:
Time RangePageviewsChange 
1 month0.0000233%
3 Months0.0000248%
Daily pageviews per user for detiksurabaya.com:
Time RangePageviews/UserChange 
1 month2.10000-30%
3 Months3.00000-27%
The percentage of visits to detiksurabaya.com that consist of a single pageview:
Time RangeBounce %Change 
1 month56.70000-8%
3 Months57.80000-9%
Daily time on site for detiksurabaya.com:
Time RangeTime on Site(minutes)Change 
1 month2.37167-7%
3 Months2.738332%
The percentage of visits to detiksurabaya.com that came from a search engine:
Time RangeSearch %Change 
1 month5.60000-27%
3 Months8.00000-51%
detiksurabaya.com 8.51 out of 10 based on 25 ratings.
Info detiksurabaya.com
Alexa Rank: 225,864
Title: detikSurabaya: warta digital regional
Description: detik.com situs warta era digital
Visits per day: 4,887
Daily Ads Revenue: $16.18
Creation Date: 2006-12-26
Domain Age: 10years 336days
Last update:
06-12-2011 16:50:05 (5 years ago)

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92.0% -

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Dmoz: No
Tags: surabaya event belajar script anak kecil tercantik di dunia asuransi mobil surabaya agen air tigris pantai di bayuwangi sate bekicot suarabaya sepeda murah surabaya forum toyota surabaya
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