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Alexa traffic rank for asfiyahi.org:
Time RangeTraffic RankChange 
3 Months608,112-% 
Percent of global Internet users who visit asfiyahi.org:
Time RangeReachChange 
3 Months0.00027-% 
Percent of global pageviews on asfiyahi.org:
Time RangePageviewsChange 
3 Months0.000006-% 
Daily pageviews per user for asfiyahi.org:
Time RangePageviews/UserChange 
3 Months2.6-% 
The percentage of visits to asfiyahi.org that consist of a single pageview:
Time RangeBounce %Change 
3 Months42.4-% 
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Time RangeTime on Site(minutes)Change 
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Time RangeSearch %Change 
3 Months13.1-% 
asfiyahi.org 7.94 out of 10 based on 51 ratings.
Info asfiyahi.org
Alexa Rank: 609,272
Title: Asfiyahi.Org - 1er Site de Reférence sur l\'Islam et la Tidjaniyya au Sénégal دائرة الأصفياء
Description: Le Portail de la Jeunesse Tidiane
Visits per day: 1,779
Daily Ads Revenue: $6.76
Creation Date: No info
Domain Age: N/A
Last update:
27-10-2017 10:12:41 (8 months ago)

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