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Americanexpress.com.br is ranked #109,180 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. This site's visitors view an average of 4.6 unique pages per day. The site has attained a traffic rank of 2,491 among users in Brazil, where almost all its audience is located. Visitors to Americanexpress.com.br spend about three minutes per visit to the site and 35 seconds per pageview. Compared with internet averages, this site's users are disproportionately male, and they are disproportionately higher-income users browsing from work who have more children.

CountryNameUnited Kingdom
Alexa traffic rank for americanexpress.com.br:
Time RangeTraffic RankChange 
1 month105,8274,204%
3 Months109,180-10,253%
Percent of global Internet users who visit americanexpress.com.br:
Time RangeReachChange 
1 month0.00148-4%
3 Months0.001429%
Percent of global pageviews on americanexpress.com.br:
Time RangePageviewsChange 
1 month0.00006-10%
3 Months0.0000628%
Daily pageviews per user for americanexpress.com.br:
Time RangePageviews/UserChange 
1 month4.40000-7%
3 Months4.6000017%
The percentage of visits to americanexpress.com.br that consist of a single pageview:
Time RangeBounce %Change 
1 month41.900009%
3 Months38.8000018%
Daily time on site for americanexpress.com.br:
Time RangeTime on Site(minutes)Change 
1 month3.03667-6%
3 Months3.46333-5%
The percentage of visits to americanexpress.com.br that came from a search engine:
Time RangeSearch %Change 
1 month18.800003%
3 Months17.50000-1%
americanexpress.com.br 7.12 out of 10 based on 26 ratings.
Info americanexpress.com.br
Alexa Rank: 109,180
Title: american express brasil
Description: american express - brasil.
Visits per day: 9,062
Daily Ads Revenue: $28.66
Creation Date: No info
Domain Age: N/A
Last update:
04-12-2011 02:18:11 (5 years ago)

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